Authorised Service Capacity

Authorised Service Capacity

Your Capacity Charge is set by the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) and is based on the Agreed Capacity for your site. These charges are added to your energy bill and are paid by your energy supplier to your DNO. They are also know as the Availability Charge.

Meter Operator charges (MOP), Data Collection charges (DC/DA) and Capacity Charges are all chargeable costs for half hourly meters.


Are you getting the best prices for these services?

Your Authorised Service Capacity, sometimes known as availability, is the level of power reserved from the network that guarantees a designated volume of power to your Half Hourly supply.

All sites with a half hourly meter have a kVA allowance – it is itemised on your bill as a capacity charge.

This is different to your consumption and relates instead to your maximum demand. Availability is measured in Kilovolt Amps (1,000 volt amps).

If you had ten electric motors on your site rated at 10 Kw this would equate to 100kVa (this is somewhat impacted by your power factor).


Capacity Charges

Capacity charges vary according to location in the UK. They run from 70 pence to £1.50 per per kVa.

Capacity/availability is charged per kVa per month.

Capacity charges can be costly. A site with 400 kVa with a charge of £1 per kVa would pay £400 per month regardless of how much electricity is consumed.

If it is set too high then you will end up paying a higher capacity charge than is needed.


Setting the right kVa level is important

If your kVa level is set too high, then you are paying more than you need to.

Excess capacity charges are costly and over a long period can mount significantly.

We can carry out a review of your current maximum demand and ensure that your capacity matches your needs.

We frequently find sites with excess capacity in place.

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