Smart meters helping your business control costs

Smart meters have been growing in popularity over recent years. The government is aiming for smart meters to replace the old analogue meters by 2020. With such a big push and focus on getting [...]

The rise (and rise) of electricity charges

It won’t have been lost on many businesses that energy costs are accelerating once again. The question is why. With the Wholesale cost of Electricity comparable to previous years, why do my bills [...]

Energy management within your business

In the current climate, businesses need to be active in doing something about their carbon footprint. This can be seen to be two-fold. One of the benefits is to be recognised as a positive [...]

Cutting operating costs through energy management: a beginner’s guide

One of the largest business overheads is operating costs, and there are very few ways in which these costs can be reduced due to their necessity – one of the most successful ways of reducing [...]

How businesses can reduce water consumption

While reducing water consumption may not be at the top of many business’ priorities, increasing your water efficiency will actually provide you with many benefits, including increased green [...]

The UK to use renewable energy sources for future electric trains

As energy prices continue to rise, UK industries are turning to alternative energy sources and more effective energy management as a source of relief from rising costs.

A new charging regime

As an electricity user with one or more Half Hourly Electricity Meters you will be affected by this Ofgem directive. DCP 161 is the new charging regime and it has cost implications for all sites [...]

Will cheaper electricity charges result in lower energy bills?

The simple answer is No Business electricity users are all too aware of the recent rises in electricity costs. In fact, electricity bills are made up of a dizzying array of charges, and the [...]