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MOP Contracts

Businesses with half-hourly metering (HH profile) are required to enter into a Meter Operator Contract (MOP) for a 5 year term.

It is important to ensure that you obtain competitive pricing as well as good service. You will be required to enter into a MOP agreement if you are:

  • Coming to the end of your current 5-year MOP agreement with your current service provider
  • Planning a new building that requires Half Hourly metering (for supplies in excess of 100 kVa demand)
  • Planning to occupy new premises with an existing Half Hourly meter

MOP contracts last 5 years.

If you don’t nominate someone yourself then your energy supplier will do it on your behalf, often at substantially higher rates than we can negotiate for you.

Data Collection and Data Collection Agreements

Your Half Hourly consumption data is managed by an authorised Data Collection (DC) service provider.

There are at least 20 Data Collection companies in the UK and their charges vary,

You can change your DC at any time by nominating another supplier. DC charges are levied on a competitive basis.

DC charges can vary widely.

Touchstone can fully manage the process to transfer your Half Hourly data collection to another provider.

We will also set you up on our online energy management platform that will allow you to see all your data in one place, as well as provide you with regular reports directly in to you inbox.

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