What is an Electric Smart Meter?

Electricity smart meters record details of the electricity you use every half hour and relays the data to the meter operator.  The Meter Operator (MOP) sends this data to your energy supplier who use it for billing purposes. This eliminates the need for manual meter reads.


This is a very useful tool for the electricity supplier. The question is whether it is useful to you, the consumer.


Are you receiving this data? Is it in a format you can understand? Is it delivered in a timely manner? Can you view it when you need to? Can you identify periods of maximum usage? Do you receive alarms when your consumption breaches normal usage levels?


These are just some of the tools that should be available to you.

Electric smart meters are simple and safe to install and, although you will be disconnected for a short time, the whole process is planned ahead and can last as little as 1 to 2 hours.


Whether single or 3 phase, the process is similar we can install a smart meter for you.

              It’s all down to the reporting platform

By providing the data in an understandable and clear-cut manner, our smart meter reporting platform allows you to get the maximum benefit from 100% accurate data.


By implementing and measuring energy reduction strategies you can  start the process of lowering your energy consumption, which is by far the best way of lowering your energy costs.

The latest generation of smart meters will help you to:

  • Identify when and where you are using your electricity


  • Receive alarms into your inbox when your electricity consumption increases or decreases more than expected


  • Identify wasteful and obsolete equipment and work practices


  • Receive structured reports on a regular basis directly into your inbox


  • Be a key factor in your energy procurement strategy


  • Identify faults quickly in equipment and working practice


  • Meet your carbon reduction commitments#


  • Simply log in and access your data if you need to check something


  • Reduce bill queries due to inaccurate meter reads

Please note:

Meter profile classes 05 to 08 will undergo profile changes under P272. After P272, Profile Class 05-08 meters will automatically and regularly send half hourly consumption data to your supplier for more efficient billing. Make sure that you also benefit by obtaining your data.

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