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In the current climate, businesses need to be active in doing something about their carbon footprint. This can be seen to be two-fold. One of the benefits is to be recognised as a positive business that is trying to curtail their impact on the environment and the other is to cut down on cost as every business needs to look after the bottom line.

Wasting energy is wasting money

If you, as a business do not take care of your energy consumption you could be burning away at profits. There are simple proceedures that every office can work at to save in various areas. The first step to become better at energy management is to install smart meters.

Smart meters allow you to see your usage in pounds and pence, meaning you can locate where and when in the day you are using the most energy. You can then put systems in place to work on cutting down on your energy usage, saving your business money.

Making your business green

Customers, now more than ever, are concerned about a company’s ethos. With the world of social media more prevalent than ever, customers are able to share their views and opinions on your business. If you are seen to be caring about your environmental impact it can give your business a caring and trustworthy appeal that can only help build relations with customers.

Using new technology means you can monitor your energy usage. You can use energy readings and bills to investigate where you are using energy and where you can save. With the help of Touchstone’s online energy platform, you can investigate possible issues, and understand ways to reduce wastage.

Many of the solutions are simple and cost effective to implement, once you are aware of the cause. Simple solutions such as using timers to control when the energy is being produced go a long way to saving you money and improving your green credentials. To find out how Touchstone can help you analyse many areas of your business energy use and implement true cost savings, contact us now.

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