Automatic Gas data collection

Are you sure you are getting accurate gas bills?

Providing you have a pulsed gas meter it is easy to fit a gas logger.

We can send daily, weekly and monthly data reports to your company


Unlike traditional gas meters, Gas Smart Meters will automatically send details of your gas usage to your supplier. More importantly it will also provide you with a detailed analysis or how and when you are using gas.

No More Estimated Bills

Gas smart meters will empower customers to make choices on how much energy they use. They work through two-way communication systems that display accurate real-time information on energy use in the business to the consumer, and back to the energy supplier.

This Smart Meter package is a powerful tool for cutting your energy consumption. Your meter generates a pulse as gas passes through it, which the Smart Meter counts and records. This information is sent from the Smart Meter via mobile communications GSM/SMS technology on a daily basis. The data is used to deliver accurate invoices and to provide specific information for your monitoring and energy management purposes.

Our energy software solutions offer up to 100 different reports to help you understand your energy use.

  • Do you know exactly where and when you consume gas? If you do, you can find out why you are using the amount you do. Are you wasting gas? Many companies do without knowing it.
  • Our up-to-date usage analyses can help you reduce your gas consumption and thereby reduce your carbon footprint. This will help you meet your environmental targets and ambitions
  • You will also receive accurate bills from your energy supplier and have continual access to your own real-time energy consumption data

Do you need a gas meter or new gas supply. Do you need a meter removing or increased capacity?

Connect, disconnect, upgrade, downgrade or move a gas meter? Touchstone provides an easy, stress-free service.

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