What is a Gas Smart Meter?

Electricity Smart Meters are rapidly gaining momentum and many businesses now have them, unfortunately Gas Smart Meters are only recently gaining acceptance.

This is a shame. Most companies probably have a much better idea of when and where they use their electricity than they do their gas and yet some of the biggest opportunities to reduce energy consumption come from managing gas usage effectively.

This is not a fact lost on government. Large gas users (732,000 kilowatt hours per annum) are obliged to have a smart gas meter installed by April 2014. In fact, the UK Government requires every business in the UK to have smart/advanced meter functionality by 2019 to monitor energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions.
Gas smart meters will empower customers to make choices on how much energy they use. They work through two-way communication systems that display accurate real-time information on energy use in the business to the consumer, and back to the energy supplier.
* Our energy software solutions offer up to 100 different reports to help you understand your energy use.

Gas Smart Meter Benefits

o Identify when and where you are using your gas

o Help you identify wasteful and obsolete equipment and work practices

o Receive alarms into your inbox when your gas consumption increases or decreases more than expected
Gas smart meters should be be a key factor in your energy reduction strategy.

They will provide you with actual consumption data and key technical details about your gas supply.


If you need to check something you simply log in and access your data.

Manual service reads will be a thing of the past.


You will reduce or eliminate time-consuming bill queries due to inaccurate reads
Gas smart meters are simple and safe to install and, whilst you will be disconnected for a short time, the whole process is planned ahead and can last as little as 1 to 2 hours.

We can fit gas smart meters, ranging from a Standard U6 up to U160, whether they are Rotary or Turbine.

Large gas users (732,000+ kilowatt hours per annum) have been obliged to install a smart gas meter since April 2014.

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