Mandatory Smart Meters


Under new government regulations it is mandatory to have automatic meter reading (Smart Meter) for all annual gas supplies of 732,000 kilowatt hours and above. The deadline for installation is April 2014.


All Maximum Demand electricity meters, Profile Class 05 to 08 will be reclassified under OFGEM initiative P272

These new conditions are an essential building block in the Government’s carbon reduction programme for the UK. Under these changes, all Profile Class 05-08 electricity meters, and all metered gas consuming over 732,000 kWh a year, must be replaced by smart meters. The new metering standards for all Profile Class 05-08 meters will be CoP10 for whole current and CoP5 for CT meters (Current Transformer Operated Meter).

According to BERR/DECC, the new meters must ‘store measured electricity consumption data for multiple time periods; and at least half hourly’ and they must ‘provide remote access to such data by the licensee’. BERR/DECC also state that ‘timely’ access to the data from the meter must be given to the customer.

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