What is a Smart Meter?

Smart Meters are advanced utility meters that can record a business's gas, electricity and water consumption automatically and send the data to the user as well as the supplier.

The meters measure the consumption directly on the users premises, both the quantity and when it was used. This helps the user understand patterns and volume of usage and to have immediate access to his current charges.

They work through two-way communication from the meter to the user (and the suplier) and have a user-friendly customer display for consumption, tariff & other information conveniently located in the client's own premises.

The meters will also store data electronically and transfer it to a data collector or utility company.

By analysing the time of use the meters facilitate preferential various tariff options that are more beneficial to the user.

Smart Meters are able to switch between profiles and tariffs remotely

Because they meter on-site generation and export prices the client can avoid 'Estimated Bills', thereby escaping either overpaying or underpaying. The build-up of underpayment is a major factor when you enter into your Contract Renewal period. Should you find a cheaper rate for your gas, electricity or water and wish to sign a new contract, your existing supplier will not allow you to leave unless full payment has been made.

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