Knowledge is Power!

If you can't measure it you can't manage it!

Gas, electricity, water, steam, oil.... If you don't have accurate consumption data how can you hope to manage your costs?

A Smart Meter is an advanced utility meter that records businesses gas, electricity and water consumption automatically and sends the data to the user as well as the supplier.

Regular feedback on consumption can influence consumer behaviour and smart meter reports do this very effectively. Smart meters have been shown to be a very succesful tool in reducing energy consumption. Typically reductions of between 5-15% have been noted.

Smart meters provide the in-depth information you need to understand how much and when you use your energy. They can also show how much you are paying. This has been shown to be a major incentive for businesses to address energy wastage and achieve major savings.


They are also regarded as an important element in the UK Government’s Carbon Reduction program.

Two-way communication from the meter to the consumer provides a user-friendly method of showing consumption, tariff & other information conveniently located in the client's own premises.


By analysing the time of use, the meters facilitate preferential 'time of use' tariff options that can be beneficial to the user.

Because they meter actual consumption the client can avoid 'Estimated Bills', thereby escaping either overpaying or underpaying. The build-up of underpayment is a major factor when you enter into your Contract Renewal period. Should you find a cheaper rate for your gas, electricity or water and wish to sign a new contract, your existing supplier will not allow you to leave unless full payment has been made.
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