How businesses can reduce water consumption

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While reducing water consumption may not be at the top of many business’ priorities, increasing your water efficiency will actually provide you with many benefits, including increased green credentials, as well as less financial outlays in your utility bills. Environmental scientists suggest that worldwide droughts and shortages of fresh water are likely to occur over the next 30 years due to increasing population demands, and many cities are increasing their water rates. As such, here are a few tips from our experts on how your business can easily reduce their water consumption.

1. Water recycling

The first step for most businesses in trying to reduce their water consumption is water recycling. Harvesting rainwater is a great way to reduce your usage of mains water and can be used for a whole range of tasks from flushing toilets, washing company vehicles and watering on-site plants. Best of all, once the system has been set up, there are no additional costs as rain is free!

2. Shut off the water at night

If your business closes for the evening, then turning off the water at the mains using the stopcock will ensure that no water is used at night, without any negative effects. This only takes 30 seconds, so is an excellent tip that all businesses should incorporate into their energy efficiency plans. If your business requires running water at night, or continues to operate during these hours, then having a walk through the toilets and kitchens to ensure that no taps have been left running is an easy way to reduce nocturnal water consumption.

3. Water efficient fixtures

Using both low flow and water efficient products is another great way to save water, without having to make any changes to your daily routines, or getting employees to do anything different. A water-efficient toilet, for example, will use approximately five litres of water instead of the 13 litres that its non-efficient counterpart uses.

4. Smart water meters

Smart water meters allow you to constantly monitor your water usage, which means you can gather instant data on your water saving methods and adjust them accordingly if necessary. Equally, they will also register sudden increases in water usage, which may indicate a leak somewhere on-site. Spotting problems such as these and immediately acting upon them is likely to save you money, as well as helping to cut down on wasted water.

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