Take control of your water consumption

What are the benefits of Smart Water Meters?

With the information our intelligent software provides you can take action to cut the cost of your water usage


Detailed analysis of water usage can be broken down by building, department, tenant, equipment or shift. Automatic Meter Reading determines usage over time, identifies leaks, compares sites and correlates use with the offending equipment or personnel. It provides leak monitoring and helps leak detection and prevention.


Water billing is made up of several different elements, all of which carry a charge to the user.

Surface Water Drainage:

In the case of surface water drainage, the larger your site is the bigger the cost will be. However, you should only pay for the amount that you discharge into the public sewers. This means that if you have a large open area such as grass, or you have a soakaway, or your run-off flows into a river, lake or the sea, then your bills should reflect this. In practice this is often not the case.


Generally you are charged to drain away the same amount of water that you take in. However, many businesses use water within their production and processes. Cardboard and paper manufacturers, food and drink companies all use water and will not drain away as much water as they receive. It is therefore key to ensure that you are billed accordingly.

Leak detection:

How do you know if you have a leak and are paying for water that is simply running away (or worse, undermining your foundations)? Water leaks can cost your business thousands of pounds and are often difficult to deal with. Early detection of a leak can mitigate damage to valuable property and the high cost of repairs and wasted water.

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