Smart meters helping your business control costs

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Smart meters have been growing in popularity over recent years. The government is aiming for smart meters to replace the old analogue meters by 2020. With such a big push and focus on getting these devices fitted, what are the real benefits to your business?

What are the features of a smart meter that out way its predecessor?

Save your business money

For one, smart meters give you as a business more control over your usage. They have been made with the end user in mind so that you are able to gauge and curb excessive usage to save money. Touchstone provide an online Digital Energy platform that helps you analyse your usage with metering and logging systems. Read more here.

One way in which it does this is by taking automatic readings so that you don’t get estimated bills that do not match your usage. The readings are selected by you to be taken every 30 minutes, weekly or monthly. This saves you time on having accurate readings and you don’t have to worry about unexpected bills – it is a great pull for any business.

Easy to use

Another reason why smart meters are key to helping your business is they are user-friendly and convenient. Our on-line Digital Energy platform is a comprehensive and intuitive utilities monitoring and targeting suite. It provides an impressive range of techniques for managing all aspects of utility-related data.

Be more energy aware

You can also use the software to set daily and weekly targets for usage. It will then give warnings as to when you are reaching your daily target so you can adjust accordingly. It’s a great way to monitor when and where you are using energy. And a great way to save money. Additionally it will help you to meet your social responsibility targets – by using less energy you’ll be helping the environment, which is an added bonus.

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