Smart Meters for Smart Business

Smart meters are the next generation meters for measuring all your utilities: gas, electricity, water, oil and more. They will remotely take measurements of your actual usage and deliver reports directly in to your email inbox, or alternatively, you can log in to a dedicated reporting platform and generate important reports.


Smart Meters have been shown to be able to reduce a company's energy consumption by between 5% and 22% by Carbon Trust Trials. However, we regard the Smart Meter as just one component of a holistic approach to Energy Consumption Reduction, albeit the most important part.

The Smart Meter is the brains behind a truly integrated energy management system, from supply to billing through to planning.

An Integrated Energy Management Program can help businesses identify savings in their energy usage of up to 20 per cent.

A good energy management program offers a range of solutions across areas where businesses can reduce energy consumption and costs.

Is your data locked away?

Can you access your consumption data when you need it?

Make it easy on yourself by getting all your data in one place whenever you need it.


You can log in or set up regular reports to be sent by email for all your supplies.

Gas, Electricity & Water.

Utility bills can frequently be wrong. Are you willing to accept your suppliers bills without checking them?

Firstly there is the need to understand how much energy you use, where, when and why? This is the first step to identifying wastage and inefficiences and will give you the platform to take additional steps. Technologies including smart metering and automatic monitoring and targeting (aM&T) will give you the data you need.

This is followed up by detailed on-site audits which will study your building control systems. Every business site differs in structure and each has its individual processes particular to specific indutries. However, a wide range of energy saving technologies can be recommended including motion sensors, voltage optimisation and regulation, energy efficient boilers, energy efficient lighting, heating, ventilating and air conditioning controls.

Implementing these technologies delivers additional energy savings opportunities

The Smart Meter offers companies a support program that provides advice and practical help for small businesses on how to reduce their energy costs through efficiency measures.

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An Overview of Smart Metering by Touchstone
Introducing the techniques of Enegry Managmente
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