How do you know you are paying the correct amount on your electricity, gas and water bill every month? Have you ever considered that either the tariff is wrong or the consumption figures are incorrect? How can you verify this without dedicating valuable time and resources?

In effect, you are the hands of your energy supplier.

How would you like to reverse roles and be in the driving seat and know the amount you should pay before they do, and what’s more, know that it is accurate?

Ensuring you are paying the correct amounts on each and every utility bill takes time. Estimated billing and overpayments caused by incorrect tariff charges mean that many organisations are overpaying their utility bills by between 5 and 15% every year.

Touchstone Energy Management Services provides comprehensive bill validation services for electricity, gas and water. If and when we discover discrepancies we will analyse each bill and help resolve disputes and recover all monies overpaid. We can also investigate your bills historically to recover past monies lost. All of our services can be tailored to meet your exact requirements.

After evaluating your entire operation, we will propose the best way forward to enable you to concentrate on your core business. Our powerful investigation and analysis software successfully delivers recoveries and savings daily for some of the UK’s largest corporations.

Our pre-proposal evaluation process takes into account several factors, including:

• Establishing which utilities are covered: electricity, water or gas.
• Establishing number of sites, including how many sites are half-hourly (HH) and how many are non half-hourly (NHH).
• Determining utility supplier (or suppliers), and which utility they supply.

Accessing this information allows us to generate maximum cost savings on each utility bill.

For larger businesses with multiple sites and multiple utility bills, UPL can investigate and collate this information for you. With your authorisation, we can approach all relevant parties on your behalf and gather the relevant data for analysis.


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