OZON is a busy and succesful restaurant offering a wide range of Asian food in Twickenham, London.


As in most restaurants, the management is mostly occupied with ensuring quality stays consistent and that clients are well looked after. Investigating energy bills is the last thing they have time for.

The company had been receiving and paying large energy bills for a number of years, but as they were not familiar with the energy market, they accepted it as standard. However, these bills increased so much that by early 2010 they had begun to find themselves in arrears up to the tune of £19,000. In the meantime, their energy supplier became increasinlgy aggressive in trying to collect these arrears. Not unreasonable you would think. Yet we smelt a rat. The levels of counsumption did not match the business activity and we began a detailed analysis of the bills, going back for 5 years.

Surprisingly, although the client had been having the meter read regularly, one component of his bill had been 'ESTIMATED' for a number of years. Upon investigation, we discovered that one of the meter registers had not been recording correctly, and in fact, the energy supplier owed the restaurant £16,000.

After Touchstone's intervention the supplier offered a complete refund and an apology.

To ensure that this does not happen in future the restaurant is going to install smart metering.

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