Monitor and reduce utility costs with one of the most advanced, web based automatic Monitoring and Targeting solutions available


Our Digital Energy metering platform is a comprehensive and intuitive utilities monitoring and targeting suite. It provides an impressive range of management tolls for all aspects of utility-related data.


The platform is user friendly and available online.

Smart data collection service for all your utility meters

Being a fully scalable product, Digital Energy is suitable for use across any industry sector and companies of any size.


Financial Analysis:

Manage supplier contracts, create and monitor budgets and analyse utility costs.


Utilities Analysis:
Perform comprehensive analysis of utilities data including degree day, base load, regression and league tables.


Exception Alarms:

Automatic consumption alarms with e-mail notification to your nominated contacts


Invoice Validation:
Validate invoices against accurate meter data.(No more estimated bills)


Contract Bid Management:
Automatically analyse supplier contracts to determine the best rate based on historical consumption profiles.


Calculate plant efficiency; compare sub meters with a main meter or aggregate data.


Create benchmarking reports.


Text, tabular and graphical report templates.


Tenant Billing:
Simplify the process of calculating utility consumption and the billing of tenants across one or more sites.

Automatic meter reading and data collection is available for electricity and gas, both for main and sub-meters, and for half hourly and non half hourly sites.
The billing data is sent directly to your suppliers and provides you with the half hourly consumption data for you to use in your own aM&T programme.

Key benefits

  • Eliminate estimated bills
  • Reduce administration costs
  • Cut energy waste
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Procure energy at lower rates

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