It's easy to monitor your gas, electricty and water online

Our Smart Metering Solutions provide an independent end to end service from installation to data management. Using the latest metering and logging technology with integrated GSM modem, we provide a range of metering and logging solutions for electricity, gas and water with half-hourly profile data transferred by GPRS mobile network.

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3 Phase

The industry embedded electricity meter together with the gas and water loggers provide an ideal solution for acquisition of half-hourly consumption data. For automatic monitoring and targeting, sub tenant billing or sub metering solutions.
  • Import/export/active/reactive
  • Energy source: individual phases or total
  • Instantaneous measurements
  • Continual Transmission or Whole-current

Fully configurable - (energy, alarms, tariffs)

  • Profiling – large memory
  • LCD display

Communication Modules

  • GPRS
  • Internal GSM modem
  • Internal Ethernet
  • Internal PSTN modem
  • Wireless RF module

Meter Installation
Touchstone provides a full installation service for all of your metering solutions. This process is typically initiated with a site survey to determine the best locations for the metering and logging devices. All installation work is carried out by qualified engineers.

Data Collection
No on-site modem, new cables or network communication is required as data is transmitted directly from the Smart Meter or logger using the GPRS network.

The data can then be viewed online through an online analyser providing a fully managed, cost effective solution.
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