Smart Meters - Lease/Purchase

A lease/purchase arrangement for smart metering offers a cost effective, tax efficient method of smart metering. The lease is spread over 5 years and the cost can be largely covered by savings both of energy, and standing charges.

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Once you are up and running we will provide access to your own online account with bespoke programing for your own site, so you can easily identify all areas of energy waste, which will help you manage your energy consumption more effectively.

Key Benefits

  • Support for every electricity meter profile
  • Re-profiling of your meters if necessary
  • Potential Tax benefits for leasing
  • Participate in product updates
  • Fully managed service, we take care of everything for you
  • An end to estimated bills
  • Online access to your supply data
  • Easily identify all areas of energy waste
  • Schedule automatic management and exception reports
  • Find out the best and worst performing buildings in your organisation
Smart Meter - BuyingThe benefits are the same as above, however, if you purchase your meter you will still need to have the daily reporting platform which will cost £100 per annum.
The capital cost for electric meters is £350 to include installation and set-up.
You would not be able to take advantage of any tax benefits available through lease agreements and product and software updates would charged as normal.
We recommend that whatever you decide, be sure that you are not locked into a proprietary system which will make it difficult for you to change suppliers. One of the big advantages of Smart Meters is that once you are armed with specific usage data you are more likely to be offered advantageous rates from the energy companies.
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