Allows you to measure sub sections of your energy consumption

Sub Metering

Sub-metering allows you to measure energy consumption within particular areas of your business or even of particular items of equipment.

This technique allows much more specific identification of energy saving opportunities than is possible by using data from the primary utility meter.

Sub-metering is appropriate for energy intensive organisations and those that are already familiar with basic energy management practices.

We can set up specialist, bespoke systems to monitor the key areas of your consumption within your business and allow you to correlate energy consumption with outputs such as production volume.

The first step is always to install a Revenue Level Smart Meter (Primary Meter) and use the data to analyse your consumption volume and patterns. Using this data we develop a sub metering system to identify specific areas and processes within your business.

Another use of Sub Metering

Utility Submetering also allows a landlord, property management firm, shopping centre, or other multi-tenant property to bill tenants for individual measured utility usage.

A submetering system typically includes a “master meter”, showing overall usage billed directly to the property owner.

The property owner or manager then places the sub-meter on individual tenant spaces to determine individual usage levels and bill each tenant for their share. In some cases, the landlord might add the usage cost to the regular rent or lease bill. In other cases he would charge the tenant separately.

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