The business benefits of electric vehicles

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Back in 2013, only 3,500 of the vehicles registered that year were hybrid electric vehicles or plug-in, full electrically powered machines. At the end of 2017, the figure had increased almost 20-fold, sitting around 64,000 vehicles. Elon Musk’s Tesla represented one of the few electric vehicles you could buy in 2013, but now British businesses can choose from around 40 different models. As such, businesses are rapidly moving towards electric vehicles for a whole host of reasons. Our experts at Touchstone Services have compiled a short list of the best reasons for your business to make the transition to electric vehicles.

1. Cut operating costs 

Electric vehicles are often cheaper than their petrol guzzling counterparts, and as such, by investing in electric vehicles, you can reduce the operating costs of your fleet, freeing up finances to be invested in other parts of the business. In addition, there are a range of governmental incentives which also help to cut operating costs, including grants towards the cost of the vehicle itself and the charging point, and tax breaks. These savings, combined with cheaper fuel costs of up to £100 per 1,000 miles driven, means choosing electric vehicles can save your business huge amounts of money.

2. Reduce consumption of fossil fuels

Every company at the moment understands the necessity to cut their usage of fossil fuels. Not only does this reduced consumption help to slow down the release of greenhouse gases, which are a primary contributor to global warming, but this reduced consumption can also help to reduce the business’ overall costs. In addition, lower usage of fossil fuels can help to improve a company’s green credentials and their Corporate Social Responsibility, which increasing numbers of customer are looking at before choosing a business to operate with.

3. Future investment in electric vehicle logistics

While charging points for electric vehicles maybe currently prove somewhat of a challenge to locate, the energy company E.O.N, which is eager to increase its renewable energy credentials, is planning on investing large sums into the UK to increase the number of charging points for electric vehicles across the country. They have already launched a similar scheme in Denmark, which has proved to be extremely successful. As such, by investing in electric vehicles before the boom in the UK occurs, you are likely to get a far better deal.

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